25 Jun 2010

German VLF earth mode test: 5.2 km on 8.97 kHz

Stefan DK7FC has been doing some experiments with around 50W to a 300m spaced grounded earth electrode "antenna"  in a remote location in Germany. Today his experiments were successful with his transmission of 30 minutes clearly received on his E-field probe receiver and grabber located in the city some 5.2km away.  See the report on his experiments at  http://www.iup.uni-heidelberg.de/schaefer_vlf/VLF_5km_with_an_earth_antenna.pdf . Stefan can improve the electrode arrangement and increase current into the ground as well as run up to 500W. He's hoping to see the signal on the DF6NM VLF grabber located 174km away. If successful, this would be the first reported amateur radiated VLF DX using earth electrode antennas.

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