16 Jun 2010

Balloon SSTV from 30kms

From the Southgate News page:
Ed M0TEK and James M6JCX bring news of an amateur radio Slow Scan TV transmission on 434.075MHz USB that'll take place from a high altitude balloon at 30km on Thursday, June 17.
In addition to the 434.075MHz USB SSTV transmissions there's another telemetry beacon on 434.650MHz USB.
At high altitude the balloon may be receiveable by stations up to 300 kilometers away.
Ed and James write:
Just to announce that there is going to be a balloon launch Thursday, June 17, from Churchill, Cambridge at ~ 11:00BST. Onboard will be Nova 18 consisting of the CUSF Ferret tracker and a school experiment and also there will be Pegasus VII a SSTV payload. Normal flight profile is expect, burst altitude just over 30km landing just South West of Milton Keynes.

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