6 May 2010

Useful Simple Signal Generator

Dom Baines has a useful blogsite and today I noticed this NorCal circuit on his page for a multi-band S9/S1 signal generator. It uses a switched crystal oscillator with 2 well-defined output levels at 50uV and 1uV, so is ideal to test receivers.


Ricardo - CT2GQV said...

It works beautifully, just shield well the attenuator pad because there is a tendency to pick and add oscillator signal.

Freestate Qrp said...

I have been looking for a simple signal generator that has fixed output levels. Thanks for sharing this circuit and thanks to CT2GQV for the suggestion about shielding the pads. I've built Farhan's sig gen, which is great if you need a wide range of freqs, but this simple norcal circuit looks like just what I need at the moment.

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