30 May 2010


Just decided to do a little 6m WSPR beaconing this afternoon and evening. So far no reports of my signal, but I'm copying EA4BMG quite well. There are many more signals weakly visible on the WSPR screen but these have Doppler shift which must confuse the software decoder as only EA4BMG has been repeatedly decoded.

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TiƩgui said...

Hello Roger !
I'm F4EOB and also CT2JTZ. It's amazing because we are interrested in the same topics ! I'm doing VLF since 10 years now, and my majors receptions campaigns have been done in Portugal.
I have E-field receivers and B-field too with a ferrite coil that works nice here in Paris. Useful to eliminate noise, I can copy SAQ with it !
You can see an old video of my equipment to catch SAQ from Oporto : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4286457619808483006#

I'm also practising QRP now almost on 2 meters. One day with just 2 W and a quater wave antenna I had a QSO with G3KEQ from Paris center... !

Three years ago, I was really active on 80 and 20 with QRP beacons and so on. I had a lot of fun with that.

I remember one day I made a radar on 80 to see at what height the waves were reflecting from the ionosphere. And to do that, I had to send some very short impulses. The transmitter was in my ingeneering school at F6KQH and with the receiver at home I could perfectly see the impulse travelling by ground waves and the other ones being reflected by the ionosphere.
But you now that short impulses are very wide band... so all the ham radio stations around let say one or two km from F6KQH had all the 80 m band plenty of a strong "hmmm" noise !!!
After that, some of them had called the administration to cancel my callsign... but I never had problems, HI !

That's all, 73 and will had a QRP QSO on the air :))