14 Apr 2010

Rockmite 20m kit (unbuilt)

For some time now I've had an unbuilt Rockmite 20m QRP transceiver kit waiting to be put together. The problem is I have so many other things on the go that a 20m QRP kit is way down the list and 20m was never my favorite band: I'd wanted a 40m kit but they only had 20m ones in stock when I bought it over a year ago. The kit has never been opened and I'm thinking about putting it on eBay. The current price for the kit in Europe is 45 euros plus shipping.

What would be a fair price?


SV8GXC said...

45 euros plus shipping is too much! the price for the rockmites with international shipping is $32 that means about 23 euros (dont forget with shipping included)

Rockmites are very good qrp xcvrs..my suggestion is to find the datasheets for the 40m version and change the parts from the 20m kit in order to build a 40m rockmite. BELIEVE ME YOU WILL NOT REGRET!!!


Tjeerd, PA3GNZ said...

I have the 40M version. I had a few nice qso's in the past with about 300mW.

73, Gose

Roger G3XBM said...

45 euros (plus shipping) was the price from QRPproject in Berlin. In the UK we have to pay VAT and import duty as well if importing direct from the USA, so the price increases by around by at least 20%.

SV8GXC said...

Qrpproject is very expensive on everything. I allways buy from usa all my QRP and SDR kits were payed via paypal and arrived via USPS in small envelopes without any customs fees... If you want to get a high price on ebay then build it. If you want to convert it to 40m version http://smallwonderlabs.com/docs/RM40_Inst.pdf Good luck