5 Apr 2010

Operating on 40m

This evening, as my wife was busy watching the TV, I decided to go onto 40m SSB with 10W pep and see what was about, not chasing DX. I worked a special event station OZ2SPACE  and a couple of other stations in Europe. Actually I must confess that this sort of rag-chew operating rather bores me these days: I'd far rather be building something or experimenting with WSPR. Working DX with QRP is fine on the other hand.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

I am thinking of building a DSB
transceiver for forty meters with
5 watts ouput should be fine.
I like rag chewing about construction projects.
160, 80 ,40 are the ideal rag chewing bands.


Dave said...

Was a time when ragchewing was one of the major sources of technical info for me when I just got started. There was (is) an art to it. The internet has changed all of that, "my details are on qrz.com...73".