8 Mar 2010

Sub-9kHz NoV application and German VLF tests

Later this week I hope to submit my application to OFCOM for a special research permit (NoV) to test at VLF frequencies below 9kHz. Things are moving on at a pace in Germany with several stations gearing up to carry out some serious radiated tests (i.e. not by induction or conduction) and some new DX records below 9kHz are expected to be set. There is a lot of  discussion on the LF reflector about antennas, loading coils, loops and elevated loops using grounded electrode pairs. See also my webpage on this at http://sites.google.com/site/g3xbmqrp/Home/10khz


Anonymous said...


What transmission mode will you be
using at 9kHz.
Will you be using a 100W audio amp.
The erp must be only be a few Micro watts.
I remember a TV science program in the 1970's featuring six formers conducting VLF communication experiments with tranducers submerge in a river and communicating up to 20 miles down river. That was more likely ultra sonic communication not R.F or electrical conduction.


Roger G3XBM said...

Modes used will be CW, QRSS or WSPR using grounded electrode pairs, loops and E-field probes (RX). My interest is mainly "earth mode" (conduction) communication using modest powers and optimal digital detection methods. I'll certainly listen for others trying radiation tests sub-9kHz though.

The TV programme mode would have been acoustic waves.