3 Mar 2010

Fivehead QRP SSB transceiver kit

This afternoon Ted G4NUA came around to test the receiver section of his Fivehead 20m SSB transceiver kit from Walford kits in Somerset. I was surprised how small the transceiver was. We checked the RX with a signal generator and re-did the alignment. We then tried it on an external antenna and it was about the same sensitivity as the FT817 and was copying plenty of stations on 20m SSB. Ted has still to finish the TX part. When done it should put out about 1.5W pep.


g4ilo said...

Was the vfo stable enough for digi, Roger?

Roger G3XBM said...

Stability was not tested Julian and it was not cased at the time. I would think it would be fine for PSK31 and WSPR though if put in a case.

Ian Reeve said...

My name is ian-M0IDR and I have a part completed Fivehead QRP transceiver. It has two pcb boards, one like the pics here and what I guess is the 10w PA board. there are lots of disconnected wires etc, I was wondering if anyone would have the build instructions?
The receiver is working fine but the transmit side has been "got at"
Many thanks in anticipation


Ian Reeve M0IDR