27 Mar 2010

Back from (rainy) Devon

Got back from our week in Devon today. Although I packed my VX2 dual band mini portable it only got used to listen to BBC Radio 4 I'm afraid. All week, apart from a couple of brief breaks it rained and rained. There is an old saying, "come to sunny Devon where it rains six days out of seven". As much as I love the county where I, and my ancestors back to at least the 1400s lived, sadly the saying is true! Get good weather and there's nowhere else to beat it. Get a wet week and it's a bit bleak. This is a picture of Bolt Tail in better weather last Sunday.


David Powell said...

Roger: Perhaps to prove your point, it's been sunny just about all day here today!

David, G3XLW
nr Kingsbridge

Roger G3XBM said...

Hi David. It often rains when we go and clears after we've come back to East Anglia! We were staying with my brother (John Lapthorn) and his wife Jo who live at Cholwells just a few miles from Kingsbridge. I used to live in Kingsbridge between 1959-1970 (Westville then Green Close) and before that in Salcombe. We're back down for a wedding mid-May, so hope the WX is better then.