15 Mar 2010

10m open

Several Italians coming through on 28MHz WSPR this morning and giving me respectable reports with 1W into my halo. Not sure if this is sporadic-E or F layer. Also coming through around 11.30am was  the 5W WSPR signal from FR1GZ (Reunion Is) at -24dB S/N.

This afternoon another interesting exchange of WSPR reports with PC1CP 448kms away in JO33 square. My report was -24dB S/N with 2W to the halo and he was -17dB S/N with 5W. This distance is quite an odd one on 28MHz as it is too short for sporadic-E, so this was probably by tropo.


John Desmond, EI7GL said...

Hi Roger

I would think the Italian stations were almost certainly Sp-E. I presume they were I2,3,4, in the North rather than IT9 in Sicliy.

The PC1 at 450 kms is a tougher one to call. Considering the low power, I'd guess Sp-E or a very long meteor burst rather than tropo.

John, EI7GL

Roger G3XBM said...

Yes agreed about the Italians. MS unlikely for the Dutch station as the WSPR timeslot is 2 minutes (unless very strong), so tropo more likely I think.