12 Feb 2010

WSPR in QSO mode

Stations on 500kHz using WSPR in QSO mode are using the latest WSJT7 software used for modes like JT6m, JT65 and JT4. An option in the software allows the use of WSPR.  Stations are using frequencies outside of the WSPR beaconing sub-band of 503.8-504kHz. For the next few days my shack is being used as a bedroom for my little grandson, so it may be the middle of next week before I can try WSPR QSO mode.


Paul - PC4T said...

Hello Roger, I thought so, but how did they upload the data? Because with WSJT7 you can't upload data like WSPR software. Or am I wrong? 73 Paul

Roger G3XBM said...

I think they just uploaded the contact dialogue to the LF-reflector newsgroup and not to the WSPRnet database. I cut and pasted the QSO details from the newsgroup.

Paul - PC4T said...

OK, now I understand. Thanks for the answer. Good luck with WSPR QSO's. 73 Paul