28 Feb 2010

Amateur DXing below 9kHz (VLF)

Some recent discussion on the LF Reflector is suggesting that distances of >100kms should be workable with amateur stations below 9kHz, albeit running QRO exciters. This would be possible with optimised stations and antennas and very slow QRSS modes. As an example, see the email posted this evening by RA9MB:
I was wonder if it is posible to use a loop on 9 kHz. Serious problem to radiate 9 kHz is high voltage we saw. Loop has that advantage that voltage is not too high. Then i do some estimations. Let's assume vertical loop 15m x 50 m with 20 mm diameter coper tube as a wire. Then effectivity of such a loop on 9 kHz is about -65 dB. It is adequate to radiate 1 mW
on 9kHz (I=250A, TX power about 4 kW). We saw such a radiation should give abt 100 km  distance in QRSS. Besides such a loop is well suited for 136 kHz. On 136 kHz it effectivity should be about -25 dB. Not too bad: 1 W radiation with 400 W TX :-)

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