25 Jan 2010

Walford Kits "Fivehead" SSB transceiver

A friend of mine is building a Walford Kit "Fivehead" SSB transceiver. He has got the kit, but was surprised to find the parts placement was not silk screened on the PCB; I guess this is a cost saving measure.

Although there is a not-to-scale layout, a clear colour photo from above of the assembled board from the component side would help him a lot. He's asking Tim if he has one he could email, but does anyone already have one they could email me please?


Anonymous said...

There's a photo of the completed kit on the vendor's site. Look here:


Roger G3XBM said...

Yes I saw that photo, but it is not exactly clear. I'm surprised Tim hasn't considered putting some big, clear colour photos of his built kits on his website. It would SO helpful for some people and would probably cut down on the queries he must receive by email.