16 Jan 2010

So near but so far on 500kHz

Last night again produced some decent DX reports with the 1mW ERP 500kHz station, but still I'm 10kms short of the magic 1000kms target. Best was DL4RAJ at 990kms who spotted be many times during the night. A new reporter this morning was M0GNM in IO91 - thanks for the report.


An Engineer said...

Roger, I do enjoy reading your blog and hope you can reach the 1000km on 1mW ERP. Have you considered temporarily moving your station 10kms up the road?

Roger G3XBM said...

Results so far demonstrate it IS possible to work >1000kms, but I feel the need to achieve it to "complete" my personal goals on 500kHz. 28MHz is calling me back, but I'm niggled that the last 10kms is eluding me. Staying on 500kHz a few more weeks in the hope of breaking the barrier.