23 Jan 2010

Shortwave in the 1960s - interval signals montage

Yesterday I found this wonderful link which is a montage of 40 different old shortwave interval signals from almost 50 years ago. Get a coffee, sit back and listen.  Imagine you are listening on your one valve radio in your bedroom in 1964.  It brings back such happy memories that I am almost tearful with nostalgia.



Dick said...

Thanks for posting. Takes me back to the mid 1950's when I was a kid swl listening to my Hallicrafters S-38.

I shared that bedroom with my younger brother so at midnight I was wearing headphones.


Paul - PC4T said...

Wonderful all those tunes that are stored in our memory somewhere. I think we all started as a SWL listener. It was good to hear them again. 73 Paul

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Link, Roger!
I remember the times, when we were young and pretty :-) and I got my first SW-Radio!

72s Wolfgang, DH2WS

Alan AC0AC said...

Roger, I just discovered this five months late. Thank you for sharing memories from way back when, when I listened on my Hallicrafters S-40B, which I still have and use. = 73, Alan AC0AC, ND USA