31 Jan 2010

Good 500kHz DX overnight with 1mW ERP

For the first time in more than a week I ran the WSPR beacon through the night. Best DX reports were from GM4SLV, GM0UDL and Lubos OK2BVG at 1232kms. Lubos sent me this picture of his fine shack. Notice the lovely LF/MF loading coil on the left hand side and the LF receiving loop in the corner. Lubos has a very nice collection of equipment. He has now managed to receive me on several different occasions on 500kHz.


Ham Radio Accessories said...

I suspect the low frequencies offer an area for very long CW communications. I hope that the experimenters will continue; and maybe us not-so-privileged will get a shot at trying ideas at 500k as well.

Roger G3XBM said...

If you take a look at my main website www.g3xbm.co.uk you will see that 500kHz operation can be done very simply indeed.