23 Jan 2010

Simple 80m CW transceiver

Want to try something really simple?  I am now waiting to have a QSO on 80m CW using my XBM80-2 transceiver that I put together in the week. Pout is 60mW. The only switching between TX and RX is by the morse key. Additional offset can be had with the switch in series with the crystal. Skeds with local stations are being arranged.


Anonymous said...

Hello Roger

I lashed up the 80-2T Transceiver
last night and got 60mW output checked with my Marconi Power meter.
The power meter is marked off in 500mW divisions and the needle just
lifted about a fifth of a division.
The transmitter loads up o.k into a 20 Metre long wire antena.
There was no major frequency pulling when keying.The rx was picking up some CW and sideband signals not very strong due to poor band conditions.
The transmiter could be used with other projects.
It could be built on a a postage size PCB and fitted into a pocket SW Rx.
Like the superdrug RX.
Thanks for another design using the
popular 2N3904 transistors

73 Tony G4LLw

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Tony. I am on 3.56MHz now with mine trying to work someone! At night the AM breakthrough is a bit too high to hear weak signals. I might have better luck in the morning. Have you tried to measure the sensitivity? My attenuator is faulty on my generator, so I can only judge that it is around -90dBm with good ears and earpiece.

Anonymous said...


I will try and get round to checking the sensitivity with my Marconi TF995 signal generator when I get the oportunity to return
to my shack.
I will be away from the shack for few days.

73 Tony G4LLW