6 Jan 2010

500kHz good again tonight

Switched on my WSPR station earlier. Already had reports from 9 different stations on the database as far apart as the Shetland Is (GM) to the north (896kms) plus PA and ON to the east (337kms).

Last night I partially decoded WD2XSH/17 (just QTH locator), who I received twice in December. Still hoping that my 1mW ERP signal will break the magic 1000kms barrier (just 49kms more to go). There are LOTS of stations listening on 500kHz WSPR at the moment, so this must be one of my best chances tonight.

The 500kHz antenna was coming down to make way for the 28MHz halo, but I think I'll wait a few more weeks, not least because the roof is frozen and the antenna is covered in snow!

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