21 Dec 2009

Gnat 1 transceiver - anyone made/used one?

Has anyone here built and used a Gnat-1 single transistor transceiver? This was in SPRAT earlier this year and it was designed by Chris Trask N7ZWY. Although I've seen a few pages with photos of copies, I've not heard how well it works and what anyone has worked with one. The picture on the right is from LY3LP's website and shows his version for 20m.


Transceivers said...

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goody said...

I attempted building one earlier in the year but couldn't get it to work. It wouldn't oscillate with the crystal in the circuit, though I could get it to run as a "free-running" oscillator by bypassing the crystal. I probably could have gotten it working if I stuck to it longer but I lost interest and moved on to something else.