21 Nov 2009


The following is an extract from a posting on the LF reflector and may suggest getting QRPp DXCC may have become a whole lot easier:
"The discussion at the RSGB meeting noted the ARRL’s position that essentially if two stations make WSPR reports with each other and this is confirmed by QSL or some other approved method then there has been a two way exchange of call sign, report and other info e.g. locator and that qualifies as a QSO for DXCC purposes."
This may surprise some, and did me.

Does anyone know precisely what the ARRL has said regarding DXCC qualification and WSPR? By the definition above I "worked" VK6POP with a few watts of WSPR on 40m earlier this week.

As someone pointed out, a lot LESS data is exchanged in an HF contest, when often the callsigns are not sent (very often) and reports are meaningless. At least with WSPR you get the full calls, location and QTH locators exchanged.


g4ilo said...

I am really surprised. I don't think WSPR reports count as QSOs because contact is never established, they are just beacon reception reports and transmissions are not addressed to any specific callsign. Theoretically you could "work" several stations in one go in just two consecutive two minute periods. On the other hand I might hear you tonight, but you may not hear me until next week some time, would that count?

There are implications for VHF MS QSOs that are often conducted in parallel on the internet. I think this decision, if reported correctly, opens up a rather large can of worms.

Roger G3XBM said...

I tend to agree, but then question is what IS a QSO?

In an HF DXpedition exchange the callsign may be said only once in 20 QSOs and the report is often a meaningless 59. At least with WSPR both stations exchange data on the callsigns, reports and locations and both know they have received something meaningful.

g4ilo said...

Yes but in a DX contact the DX replies with my call so I know the contact is with me. A WSPR station sends only his call and locator. He never sends anything specifically to me, therefore I don't think there is a contact.

I think the meaninglessness of the report is irrelevant - it's just traditional that a report has to be sent and received to constitute a valid contact. In WSPR the only way to receive my report is via the internet.