8 Nov 2009

SM6BHZ hears me on 500kHz WSPR

SM6BHZ heard me at last on 500kHz WSPR at 0556z this morning, so my best DX has now gone up to 951kms with the tiny station. He reported my WSPR signal at -26dB S/N. The distance beats my previous record on the band by almost 100kms. Gus, thank you so much for country number 6 on the band and Joe K1JT for designing the software to make this possible.


Paul said...

Hello Roger, I was listing on 500 KHz last night, and some other times, but unfortunately I didn't copy you yet. My antenna is not good enough for 500 KHz, but I did hear SM6BHZ and OR7T. So now and then I will check the band. Good luck, 73 Paul PC4T

Roger G3XBM said...

SM6BHZ and OR7T are always good signals on 500kHz Paul. I shall be "off air" until next weekend but expect to be back on 500kHz again then. I do hope you manage to hear me eventually.

Anonymous said...

I am also QRV on 500 kHz now...listen for my beacon on 502.5 kHz. If you want a aked mail me at LUSTRUP@START.NO

73 Jan LA3EQ