18 Nov 2009

500kHz - USA reception this evening

The 5W ERP beacon of W17XSH (the "WSPR shortened" call of WD2XSH/17) was copied here very well just after midnight. This is my first transatlantic WSPR reception and only my second 500kHz station heard from N.America.

Overnight my 500kHz WSPR beacon was running but no new stations reporting me when I checked at 0700z.


Paul said...

Hello Roger, till then I did not hear you on 500KHz. I thought I might have troubles with the strong carrier on 500 KHz, but now I see it on your screen also. I keep on trying... 73 Paul

Roger G3XBM said...

The signal on 504kHz is very strong here, but luckily it does not affect WSPR decodes a few tens of hertz lower Paul. I do hope you manage to copy me soon.