17 Oct 2009

My new 500kHz DX record - 210kms

Just been reported by G3YMC in Bracknell, which is 120kms away and my 6th station to report me and my best DX to date. Then I got a report from G0KTN at 210kms away!! It's gradually getting better.

Incidentally, this is the transverter at the moment very ugly style. Will add the RX part soon so I can use CW.

Dave's G0YMC's report:
153000 15 10 2.6 -62 0 G4JNT IO90 23
153000 8 -20 5.2 8 1 G3XBM JO02 0

Wow, only 30dB down on G4JNT! Well done Roger.

(sorry cannot upload as I am copying with WSJT7 which doesn't support
the internet upload - but has an auto soundcard calibrator).

73 Dave G3YMC

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