21 Oct 2009

6m WSPRing and aeroplanes

Just been active on 6m WSPR this morning running 5W to the vertical colinear. The only person to report me, several times, so far has been G3ZJO who is 79kms to the west of me. What is most interesting are the number of multipath 6m signals seen on the WSPR waterfall with large amounts of Doppler shifts. G3ZJO has been analysing these are has made predictions about the aeroplane flight paths which would result in such traces. Here is the WSPR screen when receiving G3ZJO through an number of such multipath and Doppler shifted traces.

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g4ilo said...

That's interesting, Roger. I have previously noticed what I think are aircraft reflections on the 2m beacon GB3VHF. I have never tried WSPR on 6m as there never seemed enough people on for it to be worthwhile but I'll have to try it. A lot of aircraft go over here - we're under the flight path from DX to Heathrow I think - so I could be in with a chance.