14 Oct 2009

500kHz WSPR restarted - please listen

In the coming weeks I shall be improving my ERP, but to get a baseline I've just restarted my 500kHz WSPR beacon which is believed to have an ERP of around 6uW (microwatts). Since starting it up I've already received reports from M0BMU at 69kms away with S/N levels ranging from -24 to -29dB. These are the levels I was getting last month, so all is still working (see picture of the WSPR database).

If you are able to listen on 500kHz WSPR set you receiver to 502.4kHz in USB mode and click "upload spots" on the WSPR screen so that your SWL reports will be added to the database on the internet automatically.

It really would be good if more people listened on 500kHz WSPR even if they can't TX. WSPR is very easy to use especially on RX and the WSPR software can run in the background whilst you get on with something else. The WSPR software can be downloaded from http://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/K1JT/WSPR112.EXE

All reports really would be most welcome.

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