15 Oct 2009

500kHz WSPR - last time before improving the station

This evening and overnight I am running my 500kHz WSPR beacon for the last time in its unmodified state before beginning to make improvements to the antenna and PA. I am still hopeful that I'll get another one or two new stations spotting my signal. Once the ERP starts to be increased by up to 20dB my "sphere of influence" on 500kHz should increase.

Do listen on 500kHz WSPR and upload any spots you get.

POSTSCRIPT: I did actually fire the "old" setup again last night (Friday evening) for a few hours but was only reported by G7NKS. I'm now thinking of practical and relatively unobtrusive ways of making the signal a bit more potent on 500kHz without the garden looking like Droitwich or GBR Rugby.

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g4ilo said...

I have one of those PA0RDT antennas on order so hopefully I'll be able to do some listening on 500KHz soon.