7 Aug 2009


My best WSPR report tonight was of DL6NL who was running just 50mW on 7MHz. I could receive him OK at 733kms when using my 10m band halo antenna.


Paul - PC4T said...

Just try. I work QRO on 30 meter with 1 Watt. And it works!

g4ilo said...

I find that WSPR crashes on TX if the COM port setting is invalid or if you change it and don't restart. You must close and restart the program to save the setting. If it crashes then the setting you put in doesn't get saved and you're right back where you started next time it loads. HTH.

Adam said...

Hello Roger, PC4T steered me in the direction of your blog and it is a really enjoyable read. Thanks for writing it and giving us newcomers to the hobby so much inspiration! 73 de Adam (M6RDP)