1 Aug 2009

Pye PF1 and PF8 handhelds

I've justed added a couple of pages to my website on two Pye Telecom PMR products I had involvement with in my early days in the development labs there.

See Pye Telecom PF1 Handhelds and Pye Telecom PF8 Handheld

For far more information on Pye Telecom see the website http://www.pyetelecomhistory.org/

Incidentally there is a drive to set up a permanent museum of radio history in the Cambridge area in which Pye Telecom products would be featured. £30k is needed to get this project off the ground. See the Pye Telecom History pages for more information on this project.


Oliver O'Connell said...

Hi from New Zealand!
How can I get one (or a pair)?? I would love to be able to try one at about 477Mhz. What was the usual frequency range used in the PF-8?
Thank you
Oliver O'COnnell

Roger G3XBM said...

The PF8 came in several different UHF band versions up to 470MHz. They are very rare on the second hand market as not that many were made.

Oliver, ZL3OOC said...

Hi again Roger,

Did the PF-8 come as a VHF version or all UHF? Has anyone got one or 2 for sale?
\Thank you


Roger G3XBM said...

The PF8 was only made as a UHF product Oliver. The internal skeleton plate antenna would not have worked at all well at VHF.