5 Aug 2009

6m CW

Last night I heard TF2JB weakly calling CQ on 6m CW on an otherwise empty band, but I did not work him. This afternoon at 5pm I called CQ on 6m CW having heard the SK3SIX beacon pop up out of the noise and was answered by SM2GCQ. So, even with 5W, a CQ can get a QSO on 6m in an almost empty band. Spor-E is still around folks, if less frequent than a month or so ago.


Paul - PC4T said...

Hi Roger,

I read in the Miracle Whip Yahoo group that Sean MØGIA has lost you email, and wanted to contact you.

73 Paul PC4T

Anonymous said...

What rig and antenna were you useing?-m3hxe

Roger G3XBM said...

I was using the FT817 (5W) and a V2000 triband colinear at at about 8m above ground.