25 Jul 2009

IOTA contest - 10m QRP

For a few hours today I managed some operating on 10m QRP in the IOTA contest. No great DX (best was Cyprus) but I did work a couple of stations when running just 500mW pep. They didn't appear to notice the low power and still gave me 59! For a little while I tried calling some of the stronger stations with 50mW pep, but in the limited time I had the best I got was a G3X.. QRZ? at that power. With 50mW on CW it would have been quite easy.

Interestingly I heard GD (Isle of Man) and GJ (Jersey) on 10m SSB today. Both are usually too near to work or hear. Unfortunately I didn't managed to raise them. Pity as they would have been new DXCC entities for me on the band.

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Paul - PC4T said...

Hi Roger,
There is a lot of short skip on HF, also on 20 m. I was lucky to work GJ yesterday, GJ was on my wishlist. I worked a lot of G stations on 20 m during the IOTA contest for 1 hour.