4 Jul 2009

6m when the band is quiet

6m is a band ripe for exploitation when there is no DX around. When there is sporadic-E or F2 DX about, people use the band in thousands and some have worked DXCC. However, when conditions are not good, it is left to a few dedicated enthusiasts to work random MS and tropo and ionospheric scatter mode QSOs using QRO with modes like JT6m. The amount of LOCAL 6m activity, at least here in the UK, is very low indeed.

We have 2MHz of band in the UK (4MHz in the USA) and it is a pity more use is not made of this fine band for local QSOs using simple QRP homebrewed equipment. It is an ideal band for QSOs up to around 20 miles or so and much quieter than 160m or 80m, which can be very noisy these days.

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