16 Jul 2009

6m Super DX

For the last few days I have been in South Devon on holiday. Some evenings I have been out looking for skeds with the SixBox 6m QRP AM transceiver but two tests failed even with 2W AM from the FT817 and the 1/4wave magmount, so no QSOs with the baby rig yet. However, I managed several European DX QSOs with 6m QRP SSB, all with good reports.

Last night was exceptional on 6m: YV4DDK, FM5AA and 9Y4D all coming through at good strength (at times) on 6m SSB with just a 1/4wave magmount antenna! Although I tried calling the YV4 at one point I knew it was pointless with all the super-QRO stations with big beams calling them. Still, it was good to HEAR such super-DX on 6m (8000kms) with such a simple portable station.

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