4 Jul 2009

10m or 6m QRP DSB ideas

Having finished my SixBox 6m AM transceiver, my mind is now turning to ideas for either a 10m or 6m QRP DSB transceiver. I have already breadboarded a 10m version in separate sections (RX based on the Neophyte RX, a DSB TX based on a single balanced diode mixer), but I have still to breadboard a mixer-VFO based on the NE602 which would be useful for either band. Actually a fundamental crystal x2 would give around 25-30kHz shift on 28MHz and around 50kHz on 50MHz, so this may be a simpler, and adaquate, route. However crystals "to order" are expensive these days, although the spec (temperature, cut frequency accuracy, etc) would be very low.

Today I noticed another 6m DSB schematic from a Japanese ham. There are plenty of good ideas from JA land where, despite commercial rigs, homebrewing is still in strong. See http://www6.plala.or.jp/jr8dag/micro6dsb/mi6dsb02.htm for JR8DAG's schematic. In my view, this is a rather complex schematic and I am sure it could be simplified.

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