7 Jun 2009

Monitoring Monthly - gone

Monitoring Monthly, the UK magazine catering for SWLs and scanner enthusiasts, ceased publication last month with May 09 being the last edition. Their website is still in place for electronic copies to be retrieved.

One wonders, in current market conditions, how well (or not) some of the other ham radio and SWL magazines and ham equipment traders are managing. Anyone know?


goody said...

That is sad. All print media seems to be struggling.

I was wondering what the state of SWLing is these days? For me it's tough to find anything interesting to listen to; it's not like 20 years when it was cool to tune in Radio Moscow and hear the daily propaganda. With Internet broadcasting I would think shortwave has lost much of its audience and unique appeal.

Anonymous said...

Afraid I agree with comments on international broadcasting. It was so great being an SWL back in the 1950's. Many stations to tune in. I had dozens of QSLs on my bedroom wall (shared with younger kid brother). The magic gone now. The internet changed everything. Started to copy cw by monitoring marine frequences. WCC my favorite.