21 Jun 2009

Cambridge Radio Club is 90

Today, the Cambridge and District Amateur Radio Club held a 90th birthday picnic at the village hall in Foxton, Cambridgeshire. The weather was good and there were plenty people there. The club put up antennas for HF plus 2m and 6m with the aid of the Cam Hams group recently back from Harris in the Hebrides. I managed to get along for a couple of hours in the morning and rejoined the club. It was nice to operate on 6m with a big station (QRO and a big, high yagi) for a change. The band was open to Europe and there were plenty of stations to work. In the afternoon, at home, I worked their special call GB0CAM on 2m FM. A nice friendly day.

The CDARC website is http://www.cdarc.org.uk/
Cam Hams website is http://www.camb-hams.com/

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