23 May 2009

Microvert antenna

Many people are looking for that magic antenna that takes very little space and performs very well on HF bands. Some examples of this claim include the cross-field antenna, the EH antenna and the Miracle Whip. Now all of these have their place. I have used a Miracle Whip and it behaves as one would expect i.e. several S points down on a full sized antenna, but it communicates. Even decent DX has been worked with one (11000kms on 5W SSB) during the high sunspot years.

This week my attention has been drawn to the Microvert Antenna (see picture of an example). Is this a more realistic attempt at an efficient, small sized HF antenna? This antenna was developed by DL7PE. The radiator for 7MHz is only 1.33 metres long and the counterpoise is 8.2 metres. the 28MHz version is very small indeed. Perhaps this is worth a try? See also the Microvert Yahoo Group.


goody said...

I hadn't heard of this antenna before, so I had to do some Googling. Short miracle antennas are unfortunately often snake oil. It looks like that may be the case with this antenna:



Roger G3XBM said...

The more I look the more I suspect you may be right :-)

毛虫 said...

Well, the Isotron, the EH, the Microvert--all of these antennae are probably part dummy load, part antenna. You fellows are right, there are no miracles. Every report of amazing propagation begs the question, "What if a conventional antenna had been used?"
Still, it's fun to build these and watch them work. I don't join the horde of those who react with indignation to so-called miracle antennas as this. They are what they are, and if snake oil works, let it work for that OP.

Marian YO2MBU said...

I have build the microvert antenna for 20m and 40m.I really impressed about the performance of this small antenna working on QRP with 5W.