26 May 2009

6m Fredbox ideas

Looking at project ideas, I am beginning to think about a simple 6m AM transceiver design. The starting point would be my Fredbox design for 2m AM from many years ago. An outline spec would be: 500mW AM crystal controlled TX, simple superregen RX, built as a small modern day "Heathkit Lunchbox" style rig with an RX tuning knob and LS. Such a simple radio would be an ideal local ragchewing radio and would give coverage up to 10-15 miles with a simple vertical colinear antenna, dipole or halo.

A very good example of a 6m superregen (also regen) RX by N1TEV can be found at http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/pdf/9712039.pdf although this is more complex than I would plan to use.


Tony said...

A retro style lunchbox for 6m AM
seems like a fun project.
One of my work mate also licenced
built a DSB 160 double sideband rig in a lunchbox case.
I wonder how many hams have built other rigs in lunch box cases?
I bet they are regreting it now withthe prices these rigs fetch on ebay.

73 Tony G4llw

Anonymous said...

Nice idea Roger,

I've built regens in the past. I remember a kit which had plug in coils for VHF/UHF.

I know this adds complexity, but how about a tri-band 6,4,2m box. Sort of a Codar AT5/T28 style of separates, or as you suggest, the Heathkit all in one box approach. I must admit, I do like the Heathkit style lunch boxes.

I can imagine having something like this in my shack giving me full VHF AM operations in one box. And Wonderful for portable work too.

Good luck with the project - I await your results.

73. Dave, GW8JGO

Roger G3XBM said...

It'll be a single 6m AM design Dave, but I will also do a version for 4m AM as the differences will be very slight.

Anonymous said...

That's good to hear. I await with great interest. I've noticed that Sandpiper are making a 6/4/2m tri-band moxon. I'm about to move QTH to a motorhome whilst I'm on a course so all of my future operating will be /P for a while. I often visit a site just outside Peterborough which is on a hill with great take off - maybe we can set up a sked sometime on VHF AM?

73 Dave GW8JGO