23 Apr 2009

Simplest possible SDR transceiver?

A challenge - what is the simplest possible SDR transceiver that can be built that would allow credible results on HF QRP? Does anyone know of any links to such ideas? Is there an "SDR equivalent" to the Pixie or similar ultra-simple QRP rigs, possibly supporting all modes but using just a handful of parts?


N1ZKW said...

Least expensive SDR kits are by KB9YIG:

Single band receiver kits $10 (ten dollars not a typo)

Multi-band transciever kit $58 + $15 for each band you want to transmit on (not a typo)

W0PBV said...

As of 2010, prices have increased: the single-band receiver, which contains PARTS for five bands but only works on ONE band at a time, now costs $20, and the transceiver kit now costs $74.