27 Apr 2009

Quaker News

The QRP community has a lot in common with Quakers (Society of Friends) , especially their ethos of living simply and fairly. If you have never done so, do check them out. They have been instrumental in much good work around the world, but this is usually done quietly behind the scenes e.g. they did a lot of work on reconciling the groups in Northern Ireland helping to work for peace there. The latest copy of Quaker News is available on-line. It has some interesting articles e.g. on the upcoming Copenhagen climate change conference later this year and on the need for urgent and fair action worldwide.


Anonymous said...

Hi Roger.Its me again- M3HXE. I Print Quaker news at my work place in Ashford-Headley Brothers Ltd.Headleys is nearly 130 years old and still run by the decendednts of the original Quaker family that started the company in the 1800s.My friend or maybe myself would have posted the copy of the magazine to you as we deal with the posting of the magazine.

many thanks once again for your work on your very good website. 73-Simon.

Roger G3XBM said...

Hi Simon,

Thanks for this information on Headley's. Long may they continue.