22 Apr 2009

Anyone built the Gnat-1 micro-transceiver?

Has anyone reading this blog built the neat little GNAT-1 transceiver featured in SPRAT 138 (Spring 2009) by Chris Trask N7ZWY? This looks a very elegant design making good use of the small number of parts needed. I must have a go. Unlike the FETer and similar micro-transceivers it doesn't need complex switching and it produces a decent RF output.

Chris tells me he hasn't actually air-tested the circuit (surprisingly), so I'd like to hear how people get on. It is important to keep the key leads short Chris advises.


goody said...

I built one several weeks ago but couldn't get it to oscillate. It's still on the bench; I just haven't had the time to play with it more....


Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for the feedback Goody. Guess I'll just have to build one to see how it performs.