19 Apr 2009

20m AM

IK6BGJ was a good signal this afternoon on 20m AM on 14.251MHz. Although he called CQ AM many times he did not work anyone and was unable to hear my QRP reply when running 4W AM. Pity - it is a very long time since I've worked anyone on AM on 20m. 1967 to be precise!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I also heard this guy in the afternoon from Brentwood in Essex (I was working portable at the time) but my 10W replies weren't heard either. From what I could hear most people were trying to reply on sideband. He was running a really nice signal though. Thanks, Martin (M0OGS)

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks for the comment Martin. Yes, he was a good signal on a very quiet 20m band.