24 Jan 2009

Update from W2UW on his 20mW transceiver

My FETer (1 FET transceiver for 80m) appeared in SPRAT this month. The circuit is very much based on a 40m transceiver created by Glenn Yingling, W2UW. His original 40m version, on which mine was heavily based, is called the FET-1. Today I got a nice e-mail from him with an update on his results.
Dear Roger, I was surprised to see your little article in the sprat mag about your FETer, it was interesting. I am glad to see that you credited me.
By the way, you might be interested in knowing that I have made 451 QSOs with my little rig. I have not met my goal of working all of the states east of the Mississippi river. HI I still have 4 to go (Fla., Ala., Geo., and Miss.) They are way down there! I may have to wait until the next "peak".
I am 81 yrs. old and still think radio is "magic". Hi
451 QSOs with a tiny little 1 FET transceiver is pretty good going Glenn. Well done!


Bill N2CQR CU2JL M0HBR said...

Roger: I really enjoyed your article in SPRAT. I too recalled the other one-FET rig article. Both of the articles made me want to build one!

Thanks a lot and 73 from Rome

Bill I0/N2CQR

Roger G3XBM said...

Thanks Bill. Yes, they are both "fun" transceivers to build and use. I am very impressed with Glenn W2UW's enormous successes on 40m with his version. So, indeed you MUST build one.