28 Jan 2009


Walking home from the bus stop today I noticed a tiny piece of clunch on the ground, a local chalk stone from the Cretaceous age, the period of geological time approximately 143-65 million years ago. In the stone were two small fossil shells. Amazing to think these two creatures were living not far from my home all that time ago.

....and radio is only just over 100 years old.

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mvandewettering said...

On my desk, I have the following chunk of rock, containing two trilobites (I bought it for $5 or so at some knick-knack store):


The little Elrathi kingii embedded inside are the better part of half a billion years old. Makes me wonder if I'll be somebody's desk knick-knack in half a billion years time.

(By the way, love the blog. I sense an FETer in my future!)

Mark K6HX