7 Jan 2009

QRP - 4 continents today

After a slow start to the year because of family commitments, today saw some QRP CW contacts around the world. These included RV6HA, HB9ANJ, 7X4AN and KA2MGI with QSOs on 14MHz or 7MHz.

With the Elecraft K1 with internal ATU and the random 15m wire strung down the garden I can usually work most of the stations I hear as long as they are not buried in a huge DX pile-up. CW is a very effective mode especially if you are like me and have a simple, unobtrusive wire antenna rather than a huge beam on a large tower.


Myles said...

Hi , Myles VK6ZRY in sunny Perth.
I have a very simple antenna too, it's same length indoors as well.
Have the same outside with a 1:9 Magnetic Balun, thought it might interest you.
Looks similar to this one.

cheerio from downunder.

G3XBM said...

Thanks Myles. I have heard of people using these with good effect.

We visited Perth in 1996 - a nice city - to see old university friends who work at Murdoch University. Fremantle was nice too.

Anonymous said...

is my new interface for WSPR on my 3 Magloops.
48" dia
and another 1M in dia soon to be a figure 8, with 2 x 1m joined in the middle, made of 22mm dia copper tube.