29 Jan 2009

RQ or CQR call for quick report only?

When using QRP there are times when all I want is a quick report in response to a CQ and not a long QSO with names. QTH, WX, power, antennas and general chit-chat. I wonder if we should have a different CQ format for this e.g. RQ or CQR (meaning CQ for report only).

Is this a good idea or a daft one? Let me know what you think.


goody said...

I think it's a good idea as I've often wanted to do the same. However CQ TEST might have the same effect, you just have to invent your own quick exchange and hope the other station follows along and gives you an exchange back (599 NR 01?).


Paul PA9B said...

Can we pay attention longer then 5 minutes? I guess not. I've been radio amateur since 1976. Because of marriage, family and work I had little time for the hobby. I was QRT for 20 years. Now I'm back, and what happens? QSO's are very short. "You're 59, QSL" "Thanks 73" And that's it. Huh? Why the hurry? Why do we live in such a rush? Now I conform to the new standard. Lets do it quick because time is running out on me. And ham radio seems to be a matter of quantity and not quality. Or am I wrong?

goody said...

Can we pay attention longer then 5 minutes?

Many of us have limited time, especially those with children and full time jobs. And unfortunately these days amateur radio is competing with other hobbies and the Internet. I like to have ragchews sometimes, but other times a quick QSO just to get my daily amateur radio "fix" is what is needed :)

Roger G3XBM said...

Don't get me wrong - I enjoy ragchewing too. But, when conditions are marginal, the bands are v.busy, you're running QRPp, there are times when all you want is a fast RST report and callsigns.

Paul PA9B said...

@Roger and goody: Well, I understand... sometimes I like quick QSO's also. And on 80 meter I hear sometimes never ending QSO's. That's also not my kind of thing. There is a good balance on 40 meter. Not too long, not too short. I must mention that I am retired, and have a lot of time. ;-) Have a nice day!