19 Jan 2009

2m AM now on the RSGB band plan

At last 2m AM gets a mention in the bandplan as published in the Feb 2009 edition of RadCom. Sadly not as the 144.55MHz "centre of activity" on the 2m chart, but rather as a comment in the footnotes.

Still this is better than nothing and people interested in 2m AM now know that 144.55MHz is the place of preference to centre AM operations. There is still interest in 2m AM as (a) simple gear is easy to build and (b) there is a lot of surplus ex-PMR AM gear around going for almost nothing. Also it is interesting to compare AM and FM as part of self-training.

It would be good if the AMers in GM-land would migrate off 145.8 down to 144.55 now so that all AM in the UK was on/around one common frequency.


Paul PA9B said...

Hi Roger, I found your blog when I was looking for QRP on the INTERNET. I like your blog and I made a link on my blog to your blog. OK? The AM transmitter looks familiar to me. I have seen it before many years ago.

Do you work also on HF?
Maybe we will work each other in the future. I am QRV every day on 40 m with PSK31. Sometimes CW or SSB.

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