4 Dec 2008

Ham gear for sale (silent key G4IRZ)

Recently I have been asked to help sell a large amount of ham radio equipment from an ex Royal Signals ham who is now a silent key - Len Winnart G4IRZ. This includes a FT767DX (base mains powered multi-mode rig), a DX70 multi-mode HF/6m transceiver still in its packing, FP707 PSU, a GDO, various ATUs and SWR bridges and lots more. If anyone is interested in seeing the list please email me at rogerlapthorn (at) gmail.com and I will send you the full list of items.

In particular, if anyone is prepared to make an reasonable offer for the whole lot I'd be happy to discuss. All I am trying to do is dispose of the equipment to someone who would make use of it at a fair price for his XYL.

Please contact me ASAP if you have an interest in this kit.

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