30 Dec 2008

70cms good conditions tonight

Just worked GW0LJW in Gwent and G3VEH/M via a 70cms repeater in Somerset tonight when running 5W (actually about 1.5W into the antenna after the coax run) into the vertical colinear. Conditions are definitely up in that direction as the distance is about 250kms.


Anonymous said...

Well done! I cant wait to get a ft-817 later next year.I have no equiptment for uhf at the moment.I like to hear of qrp dx on these frequences. Many thanks-m3hxe.

G3XBM said...

70cms experiences tropo lift conditions quite often, certainly more often than on 2m. It is a pity there is not more random operation on 70cms SSB and simplex FM to make use of these openings.

Matt Beasant G4RKY said...

Hi, its Matt G4RKY here. I'm the repeater keeper for FH and FI.

I assume you mean GB3FI? GB3FH is actually on 50MHz.

Where are you located I wonder.

FI's antenna is located about 10ft off the ground, on the site which is near Axbridge in Somerset.

Good DX!
73, Matt