21 Dec 2008

£500 silent key sale - a REAL bargain!

Some weeks ago I mentioned that I had been asked by a niece of G4IRZ to help with disposal of his (silent key) radio gear which included an Alinco DX70 HF transceiver in original packing and an FT767GX, FP707 PSU and lots of other ATUs, SWR bridges, BC221, GDO, etc. Several requested the list, but no-one has put an offer in.

The whole lot is yours for £500, buyer collects from Cambridgeshire.

I believe the actual value of the kit FAR exceeds this amount but I am not in a position to spend time disposing of the items individually. If someone is willing to buy the lot from his niece she would be pleased (as would Len's XYL) and the buyer is likely to make a decent profit if the items are then resold separately. It would also make an excellent complete ham shack for anyone starting out.

Remember, £500 buys a huge LOT of decent gear for Christmas.

Dec 27th: Now all sold.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Is this equipment still for sale?
If so I would like to put my name on it. Please contact pos-@iol.ie