8 Nov 2008

uu80b 80m Micro-transceiver - measured performance figures

Following a 2-way QSO this evening with M0BXT 2 miles away using the uu80b micro-transceiver on 3.560MHz CW I went across to his shack to measure the performance figures on a decent calibrated signal generator and spectrum analyser.

These are the results:

MDS -93dBm (comfortably copy 10uV signal)
TX Power out +28dBm (>600mW)
TX harmonics 2nd -6dBc, 3rd -15dBc i.e. poor without LPF!
TX/RX offset 400Hz (without 22pF cap fitted)

Overall, not bad for something this ultra simple.

However, it needs more TX/RX offset and needs a low pass filter. The RX is also too insensitive for serious use as it would not hear weak QRP stations on the same frequency. Nonetheless, it will allow some QSOs over very decent distances to stations >10uV in level. This evening it was copying stations in PA0, DL, YL, F and G without too much effort.

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Bjoern said...

I built this crazy small radio. It actually works. My first test shows that there is a very very big problem with BC stations. I've heared BBC,DLF and so on at the same time. The Transmit signal is clean but, begin with a little qquuuiiiiikkkkk. I am going to try my first QSO with this TRX. Does anyone have experience with this small rig ?